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Thinking of having the next hit TV channel?

Author: tvstartup

Thinking of having the next hit TV channel? Wanting to start a TV Network? Well we all have dreams and ambitions, but is it really possible? Maybe you are reading this article because you have a great idea for a new TV Network but you really have no idea how to accomplish it. Taking an idea and making it into reality is always filled with obstacles. However if you can not identify those obstacles before you begin then you are really in for failure.

In most cases you will not go from zero to hero if you are thinking of starting your TV network from scratch. It takes a bit of time, perseverance and patience to work through your plan. So lets get into the heart of the issue.

If you are on a tight budget the best way to begin is on the internet. I will explain why. The "meat" of starting a TV network is your distribution platform. Now you have several to choose from cable, satellite, internet, or Terrestrial broadcast. To get a carriage agreement with a cable operator such as Time Warner, AT&T, Cox and so on takes a completed channel. You can not walk in with an idea. They are not there to fund your new idea for your channel. They simply negotiate to supply the best channels to their customers and they pay those channels a "per subscriber fee". For example if Time Warner has 20 million subscribers and they wanted to add your channel to their line up they would negotiate a fee. Lets say for example you received 10 cents per subscriber. That means Time Warner would pay you 20 million times 10 cents (2 million USD) every month. It works the same with DIRECTV, DISH, Multichoice and most platforms. As you can see if you had several carriage agreements in place your channel could become very r.ich.

So why am I telling you this? Because most likely your channel is not going to start out on Time Warner or DIRECTV (unless you have some serious start up cash). The best strategy is to assemble your channel into an attractive Internet TV site. Get your idea on your own Internet TV site, market it online, and then approach the bigger cable and satellite operators. Then you can walk into their office with confidence. You are not coming in their office with just an idea. You are walking in with a fully functional channel that people are watching and interested in right now!

If you do not want to start online then there are some other options. You can purchase your own cable channel and grow from there. You could do the reverse and pay the cable operator a subscriber fee for each house hold your channel reaches. Obviously this is not the long term goal but it will provide a way for you to get on cable fast giving you a real channel right away. If you really have some start up capital you could pay to get your own channel on DISH or DIRECTV. The bigger the reach, or in other words, the more households you reach the more you will pay. The bigger the platform the more it costs to begin.

If you are looking to start a TV network I would suggest getting a professional involved. I would recommend www.tvstartup.com as they can negotiate carriage agreements and they also have turn key packages. With any project (especially a undertaking such as this) you need professional guidance.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/television-articles/thinking-of-having-the-next-hit-tv-channel-6472780.html

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For more information about Start TV Network and My Own Internet TV Station ,please visit the web site :- http://www.tvstartup.com/


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